Most Fashionable Awards






The World Beauty Congress (WBC) is pleased to announce prestigious Most Fashionable Award.




As the President of the World Beauty Congress (WBC) Zamir Huseynov stressed, the main goal of the project is to discover personalities who have achieved success invarious fields and can share their experience with others, Trend Life reported.


The award ceremony will take place in June 2022 in Romanian Timisoara, a city with aspecial culture, named "European Capital of Culture - 2023."




Most Fashionable is not just to identify the best, but in a special atmosphere ofintegration of professionals from various fields of human activity that allows exchangewith unique experience and knowledge, enriching yourself and your business.


At the gala evening, the participants of the event will have a chance to share experienceand skills ahead of the ceremony.




The idea and initiative of the award are supported by many leading businessmen, media personalities in Europe and America, in particular Michael Nobel himself, as well as Hollywood stars. However, before this, Most Fashionable needs to find its own winners.

The system of transparent voting, with the participation of the nominees’ profiles in İnstagram, will determine the best ones in a variety of nominations in different countries.

 From September 23 to March 23, the choice of the Top 5 in each nomination willbe determined according to the following system: each of the three authoritativemembers of the jury will chose one nominee in the Top 5.

 The Organizing Committee will announce the fourth finalist while the last finalist will bedetermined by voting in social networks (Instagram and Facebook), where the nomineewith the highest combined number of likes, will enter the Top 5.

 After the selection of the Top 5, the cards of all finalists will be again posted on socialnetworks, and the one who gets the most likes will become the winner of the MostFashionable Awards.

 The best ones will come to Romania, where on the stage of the magnificent operahouse Opera Timisoara they will receive the Most Fashionable Awards, along with theircolleagues from other countries.

 The three-day program of this event in Romania will include a 6-hour gala dinner, whereall participants will be able to get acquainted both with their colleagues and withrepresentatives of interesting nominations.


Representatives of wine companies will be presented to hotels and restaurants, hotelrepresentatives will get acquainted with foreign travel companies, award winners in theircountries, actresses and actors will be presented to foreign directors and film producersand so on in all categories.

 Most Fashionable Awards features 88 nominations, including "Most fashionable public figure (male/female), " Most fashionable model (male/female)", "Most fashionable fashion designer", "Most fashionable stylist", "Most fashionable makeup artist", "Most fashionable actor, "Most fashionable actress", "Most fashionable movie director", etc.